Harolds New York Deli (In Edison NJ) :)

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Have you ever dreamt of pickles and Rubens? How about a potato pancake big enough to feed 5 people off of one plate? Well you are in luck located in Edison NJ is Harold’s New York Deli. Classic Jewish deli with a twist of hulk sized sandwiches & other big helpings.

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I once went 13 years ago when I was participating at the Edison Kennel Club located down the street. My bosses husbands name is Harold. So of course we went. Well the family consisted of two men that towered at 6’5. So everyone ordered there own plate. This was a mistake we learned immediately upon arrival of our food. The one pancake was the side of a pizza.

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So this time around I went with my boyfriend, mother and a high school friend we were meeting. My friend unfortunately didn’t make it. So Alex, my mom and I shared one Egg Soda, Ruben and a Potato Pancake. for the price of $50.

We couldn’t finish anything and my brother benefited from our doggie bag. I would definitely recommend coming back!

Watch Alex eat a hot cherry pepper 🙂

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